At Christ the King College our careers education is an integral part of the college. It is not taught as a standalone class but is imbedded in each subject and at each level of the college.

In this college all members of staff are involved in the spiritual guidance of our students, we also, are all involved in the career guidance of our students. This is innate in the teaching profession and all staff who help in running the school. All of our staff members are available to all students to talk to them about options and how their subject will be beneficial as they go forward in life. This is enhanced by our form tutors and their excellent support for the students in their care.

In each year and each key stage they help and support in all aspects. Looking at self-identification and development at KS3, then going further to skill development and future planning at KS4 and then in KS5 guiding and helping with all aspects of leaving college, such as, UCAS and apprenticeship applications, interviews and job applications.

Our school motto is truly looked at in this sense, we tell them the truth to guide them well, show them the way to move forward and let them leave happy in their choices for the life they want to lead.

Like all schools we follow the Gatsby Benchmark in our careers programme. As with all our careers, this is embedded into our teaching across all subjects. This allows us to have a very stable programme that is bolstered by our experienced staff. Due to the way we look at careers, as a part of all subjects, it means that our careers programme is tailored to each student, in each subject, with discussion and class work.

An important part of getting ready to leave school is having access to further education providers and workplaces. As our students prepare to change Key Stages, this become vital and to help with this transition we make the access to all options available to our students. All subject options are considered for all students at KS4, to allow them to make the best possible choices for GCSE. In the jump from school to college, we give our students the opportunity to speak to all the other post 16 providers’ onsite, with a further option to go to the other colleges to experience the atmosphere and department they are interested in.

For those leaving us at the end of their school life and go out on their own we offer a huge wealth of experience in application for university, apprenticeships and jobs. This is continuing to expand with the new T levels and the expanding opportunities in Degree Apprenticeships. Again we offer the students opportunities to go and visit universities and other training facilities and work places to experience the work of work and see for themselves what options they have, we support them in all aspects of this transition to adult life.

Over the time on college all students will have access to Local LMI (Labour Market Information - this is also made available to parents on the website.)

The Careers Programme in KS3 occurs in Citizenship classes. This includes looking at many different career options. We look at college, university, apprenticeship options, how to get there, and if they have specific subject requirements.

In year 9, all students get a careers interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This is to ensure that they know their options for year 10 and are choosing the right subjects for GCSE. Parents are invited to attend these interviews. If they require it or request it, they can also have meeting with the careers coordinator, this may be with or without parents. It will be arranged at a time to suit those involved in the meeting.

The careers office is open to all students as and when they want guidance or support.

We recommend the use of FAST TOMATO to all students. It is a very beneficial tool and can help with suggested careers and how to get to it. Fast Tomato links to all the universities and their websites to give you the links to the courses, the average grade requirements and any other specific requirements needed for the courses. It also links with the apprenticeships site run by the government to allow access to application forms for this alternative route into adult education.

Fast tomato gives each students who registers a personal user name and password, ensuring that they have access at all times to the information. This can be shared with parents so they too may see the information given to the students. This service also has an email access to qualified Careers guidance exerts who can answer any questions you may have, this can be access at any time.

Christ the King College is using the Gatsby benchmark to ensure that it is giving all students the best opportunities in College, allowing the students to achieve their goals, or at least put them on the right track to achieve this.

Careers Lead: Mrs E Fitzgerald

Based in the Careers Office, Sixth Form Centre


Tel: 01983 537070 extension 4490  


Below is a link to the Fast Tomato website that provides online career guidance for 12-18 year olds.



Below is a link to the latest Education Development Trust LMI Bulletins



Below is a link to the Parents’ and Carers’ Apprenticeship Information Pack



Below is a link to the Careers Overview for each year group



Winchester University Parent’s Guide

Winchester University has created a parents guide for all those questions you have about education going forward from year 11 and 13. Please find the link here to download this guide at your convenience.

Remember that any questions you have can also be answered at the college by contacting our Careers Leader on

In this guide you will find pathways to work; importance of employability skills;value of work experience;student finance and interviews and guest content from leading universities and employers