The Aim of Homework

We believe that homework plays an important and vital role in supporting a student’s education and learning. The aim of homework is to provide meaningful, targeted and relevant opportunities to extend a student’s learning and promote independent study. The purpose of this policy is to ensure and develop a consistent approach to homework throughout Christ the King College.


The Purpose of Homework

  • To use homework and independent study as a tool for raising standards of attainment and preparation for the next steps in a student’s education (progression through Key Stages, GCSE, Post-16 and Higher Education);
  • To encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and self-discipline required for independent study;
  • To improve the quality of the learning experience by extending it beyond the classroom and enabling students to complete work not necessarily best suited to classroom situations (research, surveys or outdoor learning);
  • To extend College learning, for example through additional reading;
  • To consolidate, practice and reinforce skills and understanding developed at College;
  • To support students’ experiences via revision and reinforcement especially in preparation for internal and external examinations;
  • To sustain the involvement of parents in the management of students' learning and keep them informed about the work students are doing (to ensure that parents have clarity on the expectations of their child with regard to the homework that has been set).


Our Message to Parents/Carers and Students

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Full Homework Policy

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